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Start out your child's education the right way.

Enroll at Pavlish Playhouse and Preschool, where your little ones can experiment, play and fall in love with the fun of learning!

"Pavlish Playhouse goes above and beyond all my expectations of a daycare and preschool center. My children have been in attendance with the center since 2011 and it's reassuring to know I can go to work and my children are properly taken care of. The small classroom environment makes learning, growing, and play time a rewarding experience. The centers open door policy and communication with parents further exemplifies their concern for the welfare of my children. I cannot thank the Pavlish Playhouse staff enough for the love and care they have provided not only for my children but for all the children they care for. Pavlish Playhouse is our second family and daily provides a structured, loving environment for my children to grow and prosper. I would recommend the daycare to anyone - this place rocks!" - Erica Harman

"Mark and I regret to inform you that June will be the last month Tabitha will be enrolled at Pavlish Playhouse. Mark's job has relocated us to the St. Louis area and we will be moving this summer. We are ALL so sad about leaving! We have had an amazing experience with all of your staff!!! Tabitha loves school!! Since we brought her in at 6 weeks old, we have enjoyed watching her interact with her teachers and friends. The friendliness and involvement of all your staff is wonderful! It is comforting when I walk in and out each day and see the responses she gives to all the teachers and how they respond to her. I appreciate all the activities, lessons, and projects that keep her mind growing. She is always bringing home new skills to share that I know she has learned with your help (that is great!). Tabitha has gained so much from being here! Your school is : Fun, Friendly. Comforting, and Educational! We are constantly referring you to our friends and praising your efforts! Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Tabitha and making us all happy." Sincerely - Natalie, Mark & Tabitha Thomas

"Thank you for the compassionate care you provide for my son. I highly recommend Pavlish Playhouse and Playschool to new families." - Erin Held

"My husband and I are thrilled that we found Pavlish Playhouse. We started our oldest son at Pavlish two years ago and have watched him grow and thrive in this environment. He has developed academically, socially and emotionally. With the help of a well planned curriculum, patient and engaged teachers, he is more than ready to head off to Kindergarten in the fall. We also have a younger son who attends Pavlish in the infant room. We know he is in great hands! Pavlish has a wonderful staff that communicates both the positive and negatives that may happen during the day. By doing this, we have created a close team. We highly recommend Pavlish Playhouse and Pre-School to any parents looking for a child care. Your children are in great hands!" - Lauren Hallet

"Pavlish Preschool has been a godsend to my family! The thing I love the most is that the teachers genuinely care about each individual child and encourages the development of their unique personalities." - Sarah Reed

"We have been with Pavlish for about three years now and my kids have never been so happy at a daycare. We moved here about four years ago and had to try a couple of places before we found Pavlish. We had some bad experiences for sure, but Pavlish just has a different feel all together. It doesn't feel like a daycare center at all. It's much more friendly & like being at a friend's house.
I can't say enough about the teachers at Pavlish either. As soon as you talk to them you breathe a sigh of relief. It doesn't even matter what you talk about, you just have to have a conversation with any one of them to realize that... I can't even find the words... to realize that your babies are in good hands.
The teachers are there because they want to be, they are there because they truly like children and want to help them grow into good honest people. They are good role models and examples to our kids about the right kind of people to be. They are patient and kind and honest and caring; all of the things you want your children to learn how to be.
I can't say enough about Pavlish Playhouse & Preschool. There is no where else I will ever send my kids, ever." - Brook Green

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